The Communications Process Defined

Marketing Communications

Use this function to grow and enhance your product or service. Employ techniques for branding and promotions. This is a proactive function to be used when you are at status quo in your business. CREATE lines of communication with your audience and with the media before you are faced with unsolicited attention.

Media Relations

Use this function when you are faced with unsolicited attention - positive or negative - and you must respond to the media. This is your chance to tell your story, your way. If you have been successful in the employ of marketing communications, this will be easy. If not, you will most likely need to employ the next step in the process, public relations.

Public Relations

Use this function when you are faced with attention - positive or negative - to repair your image if negative, or enhance your image if positive. This function is most effective in responding to unsolicited attention when the previous functions have not been implemented or have been unsuccessful.

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