BA Concepts Defined

BA Concepts is founded on 3 central concepts to achieve optimum communications effectiveness:

Concept 1: Marketing Communications - Talk about your product

The only way for consumers to know what you do or have is to tell them. It is imperative that an organization be proactive in their efforts to get the word out about their product. Critical to this effort is branding and product promotions. Use creative tools to build brand awareness while continuing to keep yourself competitive in the marketplace.

Concept 2: Media Relations - Know how to tell your story

The media is one of the best avenues to reach the general public and savvy organizations cultivate this relationship.

Get earned media, get paid media - GET MEDIA. Know the people who cover what you do, make them your allies. The story is going to get written - organize your facts and have them ready. This is your opportunity to get your story told your way.

Concept 3: Public Relations - Protect your image

The image of your organization can make or break the amount of attention you get. This concept can be defined by activities like image repair, damage control/crisis communications and creating campaigns around those functions.l

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